Welcome to the Business Blogs Guide.

The purpose of this handbook, is to help entrepreneurs and business owners to understand the value a business blog can bring, and how to go about starting and growing one to being a success.

B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not. (source)

Welcome to the business blog guide, a living handbook on how to start and grow a successful business blog that helps you build an audience and attract new customers.

Creating and consistently growing your business blog can have huge payoffs to attracting and retaining new customers. The material I share in this guide is the result of being in the digital marketing industry for more than 25 years now, many of those years I have spent blogging.

I have put this business blogging handbook together, and I offer it free to you, for two reasons. The first is to freely share my knowledge to as many people as possible. This is the altruistic side of me, which I really enjoy.

The second is that I hope you’ll consider engaging me when it comes to any blogging related coaching or consulting. 

So who am I, and why should you care what I have to say? I’ve helped create and build a successful blogs. One blog we created now attracts more than four million unique readers per year (as of May 2018), and is their primary marketing method to get new customers.

Many of the lessons I share are a direct result in the work I have done on my own blog as well as customer stories such as the above.


This handbook has been broken down into specific chapters, to allow you to jump to the section that matters most to you, right now. Whilst obviously it makes sense to read it from end to end, I also appreciate that can be quite a time investment.

Chapter 1: Benefits of Business Blogging

We talk about the multitude of benefits you can receive, through blogging for your business.

Chapter 2: Why many business blogs suck

Let’s be honest; there are millions of examples of business blogs that suck. Let’s understand why so we can avoid being added to that list.

Chapter 3: Setting your own blogging goals

We discuss why you need to set your blogging goals early, and review them regularly.

Chapter 4: Know your target audience

Understanding who you are writing for is the start of the business blogging journey. Without this, all of your efforts will end up wasted.

Chapter 5: Develop clear topic areas

Now you know your audience, what do they care about? We dive in and understand what topics will resonate best with your audience.

Chapter 6: Finding the right keywords

👉 There are two main audiences when it comes to business blogging; humans and search engines. We discuss the importance of keywords for the latter.

Chapter 7: Develop a tone and style guide

👉 Every great media outlet has a tone and style guide. Your blog should be no different. I explain.

Chapter 8: Business blog necessities

👉 No matter how good your content is, your blog software or platform needs the right things under the hood. We delve into the technical necessities.

Chapter 9: Create a winning business blogging workflow

👉 Now that you have a rhythm, let’s work out how to continue it. The right business blogging workflow makes all the difference.

Chapter 10: How to craft great content

👉 No matter how you pitch it, if your content doesn’t scream ‘read me’, it will fail. We discuss methods to ensure you create great content.

Chapter 11: How to promote your content and attract readers

👉 You’ve written some amazing content. Now it’s time to get people reading it. That’s where blog promotion comes into the forefront.

Chapter 12: Create a blog planner and schedule

👉 How do you ensure a never ending river of content? By having a blog planner and schedule.

Chapter 13: Repurposing and updating your blog posts

👉 You’ve written some great posts. Now let’s ensure they stay current and continue to attract an audience.

Chapter 14: Guest posts

👉 Should you accept guest posts on your blog? We discuss the pros and cons, and how to set yourself up for guest post success.

Chapter 15: Measuring and improving

👉 Are all your efforts going to waste, or are your blogging skills bringing in the customers? We walk through how to measure and continue to improve your business blogging.

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